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Boost Your On-Site Efficiency with VIRNECT Remote

Next-Level Update: VIRNECT Remote’s Advanced Features

We are excited to introduce the latest updates to VIRNECT Remote, which are designed to enhance on-site efficiency and collaboration. Our new features integrate advanced camera technologies and improve communication, ensuring you stay connected and productive in various work environments.

Various Camera Integrations

Integrate different types of cameras, such as action cameras, 360° cameras, thermal cameras, and endoscopic cameras, to suit diverse on-site environments, enhancing remote assistance and inspections.

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Collaboration Request Notifications

Improve communication efficiency with real-time collaboration request notifications. This feature ensures that your team stays connected and informed, facilitating prompt and effective responses.

May Newsletter 11

Collaboration Scheduling

Enhance work efficiency by scheduling collaborations to start at the desired time. This feature ensures that everyone is prepared and available, streamlining project workflows.

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Distinct Features and Experiences

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  • High Frame Rate and Excellent Image Quality: Ensure smooth and detailed visuals for all remote interactions.
  • Accurate Guidance Through Pointing: Provide precise instructions with pointing capabilities.
  • System Setup According to Security Requirements: Tailor system configurations to meet specific security needs.
  • Support for Various Smart Devices: Compatible with various devices in diverse work environments.
  • Simplified Collaboration Steps: Streamline the process for real-time connections and interactions.
  • Real-Time Video Transmission: Ensure reliable video feeds during inspections and other critical tasks.
  • Remote Control of Cameras: Monitor on-site tasks with remote control of various camera types.
  • Dashboard Function for Managers: Manage and oversee tasks efficiently with a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Role-Based Guest Settings: Facilitate seamless remote work by assigning roles to team members.
  • Leader Control Feature: Ensure consistent training sessions with the leader control feature.

Update Schedule

Mark your calendars for the upcoming update on May 30, 2024 (Thursday), from 2 PM to 4 PM (KST, UTC+09:00). Please note that our services will be temporarily unavailable during this period. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to bring you these exciting new features.

Enhance your on-site efficiency with VIRNECT Remote, designed to keep your team connected and productive. Contact us for more information or to discuss how these updates can benefit your organization.