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Extended Reality (XR) Across Industries

XR holds the potential to transform your organization: decrease downtime, increase revenue opportunities, and improve worker safety.

XR can transform industrial organizations through visualization of digital assets.



XR allows you to improve your strategy, decrease your downtime, reduce on-site injury risks, optimize your operations, and more.


Oil & Gas

The benefits of XR in the oil and gas sectors are undeniable: lower service costs, improved maintenance processes, more effective remote assistance, and increased employee safety.


Power & Utilities

XR aims to improve technicians' interactions with their physical surroundings. Using an XR headset allows technicians to work hands-free, using natural voice commands to detail the damage including data, pictures, videos, and so on, significantly improving worker productivity while also speeding up restoration, training, and support.


Architectural, Engineering, And Construction (AEC)

Digital twins can give your customers a more comprehensive experience, from conception and visualization to digital project delivery. XR can decrease on site accidents and expedite inspections.



XR allows logistics and transportation companies to increase efficiency by automating and standardizing workflows. XR can simplify tasks, reducing error rates and easing workers’ decision-making processes, all while clarifying logistical steps, such as assembly, storage, sorting, inventory, ordering picking, transportation, and others.



XR allows physicians and technicians to work hands-free, collaborate with experts internationally, and improve learning and development opportunities.