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Customer Use Cases

VIRNECT has partnered with numerous organizations to counter industrial wide challenges and obstacles by providing an XR rich environment designed to empower employees, improve information access, digitize assets, enhance training retention, decrease carbon footprints, and more.

We take immense pride in our collaborative partnerships. We view deploying our technology as the start of our relationship and project - not the end.

We know that XR is continually evolving, and there is a learning curve to take full advantage of the technology. That is why our team is alongside you the entire time to ensure you are fully capitalizing on your investment.

Our collaborative partnerships are a testament to the impact XR technology can have on an organization. But we’ll let the use cases speak for themselves.

Louise Patton

LG Energy

Starting Point:

Hampered communication across 3 continents and various stakeholders, forcing technicians to travel anytime a technology problem arose.

Ending Point:

Streamlined and effective communication has empowered employees, lowered downtime, improved first time fix rates, and significantly decreased travel requirements and cost.

We have seen our platforms dramatically change many organizations, such as LG Energy Solutions. LG Energy is a global leader in battery development that operates 3 main facilities on separate continents, with over 27,000 employees globally. Their workforce is scattered and speaks multiple languages, but they needed to collaborate to solve issues. When a technical problem arose, a technician would have to fly from Korea to the facility. This downtime became costly, discouraged the workforce, and left everyone frustrated. Due to the sensitive nature of the business, LG needed a solution that was secure and improved communication.

We partnered with LG to implement Remote as a solution. It provides high quality video feeds through hands-free technology, but also immersive AR features, such as pointing, annotation, and sessions board. This helps solve problems in highly complex environments, like battery production sites.

Now, LG Energy Solutions has drastically reduced their need for travel, decreased their downtime, improved first time fix rates, and created synergy on the team to prevent and prepare for eventual issues.



Starting Point:

Hampered communication across 3 continents and variInternal stakeholders needed training on complex, rapidly evolving technology to progress the company.

Ending Point:

Samsung now has comprehensive, intuitive XR manuals they can easily adjust and change and that aid in internal training AND external exhibition.

Another example of VIRNECT’s platform in use is our partnership with Samsung. Samsung was looking for a tool that could help stakeholders understand 5G and the related technologies, like antennas. This is complex technology and complex pieces of equipment, so they needed an additional tool to help break it down.

We helped them use Make to provide intuitive XR manuals based on 3D models of the equipment. As this technology was still rapidly changing, we ensured Samsung engineers and technicians were able to use Make to continually adjust the manuals as needed.

At the end of the day, Samsung was able to use these manuals for powerful, impactful training on complex topics internally and use them externally for publicity and exhibition purposes. Without copious coding or development!


Korea Airport Corporation

Starting Point:

More than 14 facilities with disjointed maintenance and communication.

Ending Point:

Empowered communication provides optimized maintenance and operations.

VIRNECT put our suite of platforms to work for Korea Airports Corporation. They operate over 14 international and domestic airports throughout Korea, which comes with a vast amount of facility maintenance and operations. They were facing communication gaps that slowed down operations and prevented optimal maximization of human and technical resources.

Using Make and View, we were able to streamline maintenance procedures with intuitive XR manuals. We ensured that the team was able to edit the manuals as needed for lasting impact. Beyond creating intuitive, hands-free manuals, we employed Remote for seamless communication throughout their network of airports.
Ultimately, KAC saw a massive transformation in their training, maintenance, and operations.


Volkswagen Korea

Starting Point:

Lost in a crowded market with no true differentiation.

Ending Point:

Able to offer a truly unique experience to customers that expedites the purchase decision.

Volkswagen Korea provides an excellent example of VIRNECT platforms at work. They were trying to figure out a way to make their experience stand out to potential customers in a crowded market. When they came to us, we saw an opportunity to employ our platforms.

Using our XR technology combined with Smart Glasses, customers can see a virtual 3D T-roc vehicle. They are able to see different styles of the car - and in different colors! They can also explore the different functions of the car, including an immersive driving mode. This allows more people to explore the vehicles and their options without even setting foot in one.

This ultimately helped Volkswagen achieve a unique experience for customers in their showroom, while also expediting the buying process as customers could explore multiple features easily.


Hyosung Heavy Industries

Starting Point:

Experiencing growing pains as they expanded to projects on various continents: difficulties communicating and inspecting facilities.

Ending Point:

Global collaboration without language barriers, expedited inspections, and lowered travel costs.

Hyosung Heavy Industries has also seen substantial success with VIRNECT’s platforms. Hyosung Heavy Industries is a global equipment supplier for electric grids and power generation. They have projects all over the world, including in the Americas, Middle East, and Europe. They needed a solution that allowed them to inspect facilities and equipment globally and save them the travel costs.

We employed Remote to improve collaboration between HQ and the overseas operation, using the video conferencing feature, AR pointing, arrows, and translation features. This powerful combination allows for real-time, cross-cultural, and cross-lingual communication. But it’s more than talking: with the additional XR features, you are able to virtually demonstrate and exhibit actions. This creates an experience akin to standing in the room together.

Additionally, we used Make and View to create manuals and explanations for various pieces of equipment. Due to the nature of XR, our platforms allowed them to essentially see within a piece of equipment without opening it up.
Combined, our platforms eliminated their communication barriers, reduced inefficiencies and costs, and helped them recover from growing pains. Now, they are set up for expansive growth.