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The XR content creation solution

that allows anyone to create XR

content without writing code.


VIRNECT provides products and services

for 3D real-time visualization and virtual

and augmented reality design.

Anyone can create impressive XR content with VIRNECT’s Make.

Make allows anyone to create XR content, like 3D models, by dragging and dropping, without writing code. This is the most effective way to translate your paper and PDF training or equipment manuals into effective, visualized, 3D models. These can be viewed on tablets, smartphones, or smart glasses for seamless maintenance and training experiences!

With this visual content, you will empower employees in their understanding of their environment and improve their skill set. Visualization has historically proven to further understanding and solidify information. Moreover, it’s a training technique employees find encouraging: it shows an investment in their safety, understanding, and development opportunities. This improves morale and can increase employee retention.

What Make Can Do For Your Business:
Improve Employee Retention
Travel Costs
Improve Productivity
Create thorough learning and development strategies and XR content
Create visualized information for international colleagues
Create visual, 3D demonstrations for complex equipment
Disperse all the necessary information to sites all over the world
Decrease training costs

4 Weeks for Internally Managed XR Manuals


Step 1. Consultation and Scoping - 3 weeks

  • Find out what problems you can turn into competitive advantages.
  • Gather the relevant stakeholders.
  • Create a roadmap to address the impactful and attainable objectives.
  • Set a proof of concept to validate the solution fast.
Step 2. Standard Version - Immediate

Our public cloud version is a quick and affordable solution for many companies.

Step 2. Customization - 1 to 2 weeks
  • Tailor the solution to match the precise needs and realities of the customer, including:
    • Software development and creation of custom modules,
    • Creating custom assets to be used in Make, such as IoT feeds or intranet information,
    • Hardware preparation to interconnect with company systems.
  • Connecting the software to the final production environment, including linking it to company systems and databases.
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Step 3. Training - 1 week

  • Onboarding and training for future users.
Make is one of the easiest tools available to create XR content.