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Maximize Maintenance

And Monitoring With XR

With a virtual command center, you can monitor and strategize from anywhere in the world.

XR allows you to build a powerful, 3D virtual command center which enables you to monitor your facility remotely. The data provided will help you predict and conduct maintenance strategically: minimizing your downtime and maximizing productivity. You can also track trends and employees to identify issues before they arise. If there is one thing standing between you and complete optimization, it’s information. A digital twin brings you powerful data for ultimate optimization, streamlining, and improvement. This kind of transformation is what makes XR inevitable, but you have the opportunity to implement it now and stay ahead.
Predict Maintenance

Using information gathered from your equipment, you can predict maintenance and prevent failure. This is just one way XR can help you keep your equipment running.

Get Real Time Information

No matter where you are in the world, you can tune in to view images and data. You can even monitor the location of personnel in your facility.

Maximize Operations

With an XR 3D replica of your facility, you can maximize operations by visualizing your current workflow. Use the 3D model to identify operational gaps and improve your workflow.

XR Platforms That Can Transform Your Organization Through Remote Monitoring

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Remote is a platform that promotes not only collaboration but monitoring. This software uses physical technology to seamlessly present a real time video of what someone else is seeing. This allows you to conduct inspections, help solve problems, and keep up with what’s going on in your facility.

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Twin builds a digital twin of your facility. There are 4 types of twins: asset twins, system twins, process twins, and components twins. Each type of twin allows you to view some component of your process or system at either a micro or macro level. This gives you both a detailed and comprehensive view, providing you with a digital remote command center.

Getting started with XR doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you contact us today, we’ll set up a remote demonstration of XR technology so you can see for yourself how intuitive it is and the endless possibilities that come with it. From there, we’ll examine your current technical setup and answer any questions you have. We often find that, because of the versatile nature of our platforms, many organizations already have technology we can use to get started.

Next we’ll launch a pilot program for your organization with coaching from our staff, so you can take a small step into the world of XR and get a taste of what it has to offer. All while being supported by your collaborative XR partner.

Once you develop an idea of what will benefit your organization the most, we’ll help you select the right platforms to make it happen and dive into implementing them.

All along the way, we’ll be right alongside you, helping you maximize your investment. We are not just suppliers, but collaborative partners in scaling your business through XR.