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An XR platform that builds a digital twin of your

facility: creating a virtual command center you

can operate anywhere in the world.


VIRNECT provides products and services
for the construction of a 3D virtual environment
of an entire industrial site, real-time collaboration,
data capturing, and live video communication.

With Twin, you have flexibility to monitor and maintain your facility remotely.

Twin allows you to build a virtual 3D model of an entire industrial site and then link it with real-time data so you can remotely monitor it in real time. With Twin, you can optimize a complete workflow by predicting, controlling, and managing the overall facility or operation.

What Can Twin Do For Your Business?
Increase Your Operational Efficiency
Decrease Your
Carbon Footprint
Optimize Your Workflow & Productivity
Monitor your facility from anywhere in the world
Predict maintenance
Link with other XR platforms to create a powerful, intuitive collaboration system to form the future of your facility

Types Of Digital Twins

Twin allows you to create 4 different types of digital twins for maximum usage.

  • Product Twin

Render a realistic, 3D twin of your product to maximize your product’s design and quality.

  • Production Twin

Use a model of your production process to monitor real-time data and maximize productivity through information access.

  • Production Performance Twin

Similar to the Production Twin, this type of digital twin allows you to break down the performance of your processes to maximie your facilities.

  • Asset Performance Twin

This twin describes how individual pieces work together to form a complete asset. This allows you to not only confirm the durability and usability of individual components, but explore the entirety of the system in depth.

Twin is what turns operational gaps into competitive advantages.

Using Twin to create a digital replica of your facility, you can find your gaps and transform them into advantages. You can run your facility from anywhere in the world, using this powerful virtual command center. No matter where you are, you can know exactly what is happening, what went wrong, and what went right.

Twin is the epitome of XR: intuitive technology designed to optimize your organization and improve your bottom line.