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The XR content viewing solution that

makes visualization simple across a

variety of devices!


VIRNECT provides products and
services  for processing job information,
operational data, and data acquisition
from web browsers, smart glasses,
smartphones, and tablet PCs.

With VIRNECT’s View, you can visualize XR content on an array of devices.

Visualization is one of the most impactful learning techniques: showing exactly what a solution looks like, connecting dots, and demonstrating precisely what needs to be done while building muscle memory. From your phone, to smart glasses, to tablets and autonomous machines, View allows extended reality experiences from multiple points of views, or something similar.

What Can View Do For Your Business?
Improves Work Accuracy
Decrease Travel Costs
Improves Learning Opportunities
Decreases turnover
Improves comprehension
Decreases accident rates
Improves first time fix rates
Decreases need for paper manuals
Create inspection reports from anywhere
Enables visual continuity across your digital thread
Transportation and view 2

What View Looks Like In Action

View is an XR visualization software that works on a wide array of devices, display and overlay in any environment at any time. If you bring a tablet or smartphone out into the field, using the camera, you can see XR content displayed in the world around you.

For example, a technician and customers can overlay augmented visualization of a piece of machinery with on demand options to troubleshoot, train, maintain, and inspect while keeping an audit trail.

Using View, you can provide solutions and training in facilities all over the world. Qualified technicians and professionals can help those who are on-site fix complex problems without ever leaving their office. New hires can expedite their training by visualizing how to work with machinery. Medical students can visualize bodily processes we normally couldn’t see. Clients can see a finished product.

When it comes to empowering a workforce and customers, visualization makes all the difference.

8 Weeks to Turn Experts' Knowledge Into Reality


Step 1. Consultation and Scoping - 3 weeks

  • Find out what problems you can turn into competitive advantages.
  • Gather the relevant stakeholders.
  • Create a roadmap to address the impactful and attainable objectives.
  • Set a proof of concept to validate the solution fast.

Step 2. Asset Creation - 3 to 6 weeks

  • From planning to filming, narration, and placement, we will take care of your XR manuals or pieces of training.
  • Connecting to company internal information feeds, such as video or IoT information.
  • Distribution of complete XR material and internal assets for internal company management.
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Step 3. Implementation & Training - 1 week

  • On-site deployment of hardware and software.
  • Local testing and quality assurance.
  • Onboarding and training for future users.
View brings your processes to life - simplifying them, improving retention, and solidifying knowledge.

Visualization is one of the best ways to learn, and View makes that easy. Using View, you can break down complex topics, processes, SOPs, and more into understandable and simple instructions. Technicians can free up their hands by using XR instead of cumbersome manuals when learning, maintaining, or fixing equipment.

View makes XR content accessible. It brings XR to your workforce: empowering, motivating, and enabling them.