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Extended Reality: The Solution For Fast Fixes & Predictive Maintenance

Expedite repairs: safely, effectively, and from anywhere. Predict maintenance: strategically plan maintenance to keep downtime low.

XR gives you flexibility to optimize service and maintenance operations by connecting assets to sensors, real-time data, and monitoring. You can visualize and predict outcomes while aligning to workflows prioritized by impact, speed, and scale. This culminates in a powerful communication experience that improves first time fix rates, reduces downtime, optimizes labor, and throughput across the organization.

Improve First Time Fix Rate & Decrease Downtime

Using XR, you can visualize the problem as if you were standing on the floor. This allows technicians and professionals from all over the world to collaborate and problem solve. They can also help coach on site technicians through the solution, as if they were standing next to them.
All of this cumulates in improved first time fix rates and less downtime.

Decrease Maintenance Needs

Predictive maintenance goes a long way towards decreasing maintenance needs and improving equipment function. With XR, you can remotely monitor your equipment and use the information to predict and coordinate maintenance as anomalies indicate necessary before equipment failure. This, in turn, maximizes your operation and decreases your downtime, as well.

Optimize Workflow Development

VIRNECT’s XR solution provides a no-code workflow development, proven 7x faster than other workflow XR solutions, to digitize and semi-automate standard operating procedures, reducing the cognitive load needed to perform on the job and increasing productivity. Moreover, it allows you visualize your facility and operations, providing unique insight into optimization.

VIRNECT’s XR Solutions For Maintenance And Workflow Optimization

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Remote allows team members to collaborate internationally through immersive communication techniques. More importantly, though, it allows people to see what someone else is looking at in real time, as if they were standing by their side. This allows for detailed inspections and visualization of problems for corrective maintenance.

Asset 1 1

Make is an intuitive XR content creation tool that uses a drag and drop interface instead of code. This means that just about anyone can create XR content using this tool. It allows you to translate your current PDFs and hefty paper manuals into interactive, visualized XR content. When it comes to maintenance, being able to see what you should be doing instead of reading and flipping through manuals allows you to expedite the process and be more thorough.

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View is a versatile XR content viewing platform that allows you to view XR content on a wide array of devices. All you need is a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to get started viewing interactive, engaging, and immersive content. This makes it simple for onsite workers to benefit from XR content using technology you probably already have.

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Twin creates a digital replica of your facility, where you can remotely monitor and analyze data. This is your virtual command center. Using onsite cameras, as well as data from your equipment, you’ll be able to build a previously impossible understanding of your operations and facility. This allows you to predict maintenance before it costs operational failure!

Getting started with XR doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you contact us today, we’ll set up a remote demonstration of XR technology so you can see for yourself how intuitive it is and the endless possibilities that come with it. From there, we’ll examine your current technical setup and answer any questions you have. We often find that, because of the versatile nature of our platforms, many organizations already have technology we can use to get started.

Next we’ll launch a pilot program for your organization with coaching from our staff, so you can take a small step into the world of XR and get a taste of what it has to offer. All while being supported by your collaborative XR partner.

Once you develop an idea of what will benefit your organization the most, we’ll help you select the right platforms to make it happen and dive into implementing them.

All along the way, we’ll be right alongside you, helping you maximize your investment. We are not just suppliers, but collaborative partners in scaling your business through XR.