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Extended Reality And The Transportation Industry

Bringing the power of visualization to the transportation industry: enhancing training, improving fleet maintenance, and maximizing productivity.

XR is the technology designed to improve training, transform fleet maintenance, and maximize productivity.

XR allows you to visualize the world around you in a very detailed way: understanding underground infrastructure before you break ground, seeing complex building supports that aren’t built, and more. With this visualization behind your project development, you can expedite inspections, improve safety, and optimize project completion.

Maximize the power of your data with XR: predict maintenance, monitor equipment, and improve your bottom line.

Moreover, XR allows you to communicate effectively with overseas operations and collaborate better: eliminating travel costs, removing the language barrier, and
expediting repairs.

Collaborate With Experts All Over The World

XR is the ultimate in collaboration tools. It goes further than talking to people: it allows experts from all over the world to brainstorm and collaborate as if you were standing in the facility together. This is a powerful virtual experience that can expedite repairs and improve first-time fix rates.

Remotely Maintain Equipment

XR allows you to remotely check-in on your equipment, machine health indicators, and operational metrics in real-time. With your metrics constantly at your fingertips, issues can be caught early and quickly dealt with. You can also relieve stress and pressure on those who are on-site, improving employee morale.

Remotely Inspect Facilities

No matter where you are in the world, XR offers the ability to remotely inspect facilities. You can monitor as if you were standing on-site yourself. As issues arise, you can assist and troubleshoot in real time.

Predict Maintenance

Using the equipment you already have, XR helps you capitalize on your data to predict maintenance. By predicting and conducting maintenance, you will maximize productivity, decrease downtime, and improve operational efficiency.

Maintain Operational Fleets

One of the most powerful aspects of XR is being able to see instructions as you need to complete them. Using hardware, like Smart Glasses, technicians and on-site laborers can see detailed overlays explaining exactly what needs to be done. This frees up both hands to work and improves accuracy.

Improve Employee Retention

Employees are looking for companies who are innovative and care about their well-being. With our XR technology, we have seen a reduction in workspace accidents and, in turn, an improvement in employee retention - including with younger employees.

Optimize Your

With predictive modeling and maintenance, XR can help you plan and execute efficient transportation and storage of finished products and assembly items.

Decrease Downtime

We know speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to fixing down manufacturing equipment. With the ability to remotely inspect machinery, your team of experts can fix problems as they arise without having to send a specialized technician to the facility.

Decrease Learning
& Developing Costs

With XR technology, training is simplified. As a technician views equipment while wearing Smart Glasses, they will see an overlay of 3D models, exploded view diagrams, step by step instructions, and more. This not only improves employee retention, it expedites training: saving you time and, in turn, money.

Recruit Top Talent

With the rise of remote work, highly qualified people want to work for innovative companies from anywhere in the world. By opening up the doors with XR, you will be able to work with talent from all over the world. You no longer need to find someone willing to move and pay their moving expenses. They can work from the comfort of their home office.

VIRNECT offers powerful solutions to address the productivity gaps in your industry.

XR is the difference between a competitive edge and an innovation slump.



See exactly what VIRNECT can do for you. Speak to one of our experts to learn how XR can impact your organization!