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Extended Reality’s Impact
On The Oil And Gas Industry

XR is more than just a visual continuity tool: it’s an innovative
way to empower your workforce with digital knowledge.

With Extended Reality, you can decrease learning and development costs AND improve employee retention.

XR in the oil and gas industry increases uptime by improving preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics, which reduces the reliance of physical workforce. It also helps oil workers be safer and more productive by showing them visual indicators and clues, process steps, and how to fix things. Moreover, this technology can help navigate environmental problems like oil spills, water pollution, clean-ups, and adherence regulations requirements.


Transform your operations into a competitive advantage.

XR is not just a visualization tool - it has the potential to enhance employee safety, enhance your training, and improve your bottomline.

Improve Employee Safety

With XR, technicians can work hands free, improving their health and safety. You can also regularly and easily conduct immersive training, which has been proven to lower workplace accidents.

Render Digital Twin Models

Our platform, Twin, allows you to build an exact replica of your facility, equipment, or process. You can model scenarios, test, and forecast from the comfort of your computer.

Remotely Maintain Equipment

XR allows you to remotely check-in on your equipment, machine health indicators, and operational metrics in real-time. With your metrics constantly at your fingertips, issues can be caught early and quickly dealt with. You can also relieve stress and pressure on those who are on-site, improving employee morale.

Remotely Inspect Facilities

No matter where you are in the world, XR offers the ability to remotely inspect facilities. You can monitor as if you were standing on-site yourself. As issues arise, you can assist and troubleshoot in real time.

Improve Employee Retention

Employees are looking for companies who are innovative and care about their well-being. With our XR technology, we have seen a reduction in workspace accidents and, in turn, an improvement in employee retention. With improved learning and development opportunities, companies are able to recruit and maintain a younger workforce.

Decrease Learning
& Developing Costs

VIRNECT’s XR platforms are designed to be highly accessible: viewable on any number of tablets, phones, and computers. Our platforms are also compatible with equipment you already own, such as drones and robots.

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Improve Equipment Availability & Decrease Downtime

We know speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to fixing down equipment. With the ability to remotely inspect on-site tools and equipment, your team of experts can fix problems as they arise without putting a specialized technician on location.

Manage Oil Well Completions With Remote Guidance

No matter how complex the process is, XR allows you to essentially be on-site during oil well completions (and other processes). You can see what on-site workers see, manage the situation, and help empower your on-site workers without traveling to the location.

Simplify Equipment Installation

Because XR allows you to visualize exactly what you need to do in real time, it can help immensely with equipment installation. By expediting installation, you can decrease facility downtime, improve productivity, and optimize your operations without the travel cost of sending specialists or the development costs of training a team on-site.

Collaborate With Experts Internationally Without The Travel Expense

XR is the ultimate in collaboration tools. It goes further than talking to people: it allows experts from all over the world to brainstorm and collaborate as if you were standing in the facility together. This is a powerful virtual experience that can expedite repairs and improve communication.

XR offers powerful solutions to address the productivity gaps.

Our suite of XR platforms improves worker safety and effectiveness by providing visual indicators and clues, process steps, and repair instructions. With VIRNECT, you can maximize uptime by enabling preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics with an engaged and motivated workforce.