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Extended Reality And The
Medical Industry

XR has the potential to improve access to
information and patient outcomes.

The next innovation in medicine: accessibility,
innovation, speed.

XR is transforming the way we learn, conduct business, and deliver critical human services by increasing manufacturing efficiencies, improving workplace safety, accelerating learning and job training, providing risk-free first responder training, improving healthcare and medical services, and providing rich experiences to people with disabilities.

With telehealth, we’ve already seen the power of digital tools in medicine. XR is the inevitable, innovative future of medicine - and you can lead the way.

Extended Reality is designed to better serve hospitals
and patients.

With XR, you can improve patient care, provide learning opportunities, and reduce risk.

Keep Your Hands Free

Because our technology works through Smart Glasses, as well as tablets, laptops, and computers, our platforms allow physicians, nurses, and techs to complete their tasks without jumping back and forth to a monitor.

Verify Protocols Are Being Followed

Our XR platforms can track what is being done in each room. Using this application, you can verify nurses and physicians are following protocol. In the event of legal action, you can rest assured that all steps were followed. If a step is missed, the technology can prompt the nurse or doctor to complete the step.

Improve Access For Education

Medical students work with a number of rare specimens, such as cadavers and skeletons. XR technology allows students to conduct their research without physically having these specimens. On top of that, XR simulations allow students to explore bodily processes that typically cannot be seen but can be simulated.

Improve Patient Care & Outcomes

Using our XR technology, you will be able to see pertinent information at all times. Moreover, your care will be more comprehensive.

Decrease Travel Costs For Patients and Practitioners

No longer do patients or physicians have to travel to see one another for complex issues, surgeries, and diagnoses. XR technology allows for extensive and thorough collaboration, all while decreasing travel costs.

Improve Employee Retention

Employees, especially nurses and techs, are looking for hospitals who are innovative and care about their well-being. Younger employees are also looking for organizations investing in new technologies and learning and development opportunities. XR provides numerous training opportunities, as well as improved safety for employees.

Increase Access
To Specialists

XR technology allows specialists from anywhere in the world to tune in and coach other physicians as if they were standing next to them. This can help with complex treatments in rural areas, rare diagnoses, and more.

Decrease Errors

XR technology can provide checklists, protocols, procedures, and more at the tap of a screen or in your employees’ line of sight, helping to improve access to information and decrease errors.

Decrease Learning
& Developing Costs

With XR technology, training is simplified! New physicians, nurses, techs, and other employees can use XR technology to explore your tools, equipment, and facility, seeing overlays that visualize your protocols and procedures, as well as instructions on their use. This not only improves employee retention, it expedites training: saving you time and, in turn, money.

Practitioner Safety

If you can be in a room without physically entering it, you can decrease the personnel needed in high risk contamination areas.

Recruit Top Talent

With the rise of remote work, highly qualified people want to work for innovative companies from anywhere in the world. By opening up the doors with XR, you will be able to work with talent from all over the world. You no longer need to find someone willing to move and pay their moving expenses. They can work from the comfort of their home office.

Add New Revenue Streams

XR provides opportunities to work with specialists all over the world - including offering your practitioners’ skills internationally. This opens up many revenue stream possibilities.

Increase Access To Information

VIRNECT’s XR platforms are designed to be highly accessible: viewable on any number of tablets, phones, and computers. Our platforms are also compatible with equipment you already own, such as drones and robots.

Remotely Maintain Equipment

XR allows you to remotely check-in on your equipment, machine health indicators, and operational metrics in real-time. With your metrics constantly at your fingertips, issues can be caught early and quickly dealt with. You can also relieve stress and pressure on those who are on-site, improving employee morale.

Collaborate With Experts Anywhere

XR is the ultimate in collaboration tools. It goes further than talking to people: it allows experts from all over the world to brainstorm and collaborate as if you were standing in the facility together. This is a powerful virtual experience that can expedite repairs and improve first-time fix rates.

XR is the future of medicine.

XR platforms are designed for accessibility and user ease, so that anyone can use them to improve information access, retain knowledge better, and more.

See exactly what VIRNECT can do for you. Speak to one of our experts to learn how XR can impact your organization!