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Collaborate Globally
With Extended Reality

Support your team from across the globe. Collaborate from every country. Use the power of teamwork.

Collaboration and teamwork allows us to see problems from different angles, develop fast solutions, and scale at a global level. But when working on international teams, real-time collaboration can be tricky. XR gives you the power of essentially standing in the same room - looking at the same problems.

This kind of connection offers unprecedented support for onsite workers, drastically improved first time fix rates, and transformed collaboration. But, moreso, these dynamic interactions promote the communication that enables organizations of global scale to innovate, grow, and create real change.

Support On-Site Workers

The backbone of your organization are the people on the ground. Yet, we often see the highest turnover in these skilled laborer positions. One reason for that is lack of support.


Investing in XR technology does two things: provides development opportunities and allows for on-site collaboration without traveling.


In industrial settings, when a problem arises, a team of professionals can tune in from anywhere in the world to offer support, guidance, and advice. In medical settings, specialists can tune into ORs and other patient care settings to offer real-time advice as if they were standing there.

Reduce Your Employment, Travel, And Training Costs

With the ability to stand together from anywhere in the world without setting foot on a plane, your organization can drastically reduce your travel costs. Meanwhile, the innovation and safety driven XR technology has been shown to decrease employee turnover and improve personnel relations.

One of the most impactful factors is the opportunity for development using XR technology, which is a large factor in employee turnover. But with XR, employees feel safer and more cared for.

Collaborate Globally

You can support your team globally and brainstorm as if you were standing in the room with XR technology. We are most powerful and creative when we come together. XR allows you to build on this, all while opening doors to people all over the world.


You no longer need to recruit locally or pay moving expenses to bring top talent onto your team. Instead, you can increase your recruitment pool and maintain the high levels of collaboration associated with in-person communication.

XR Platforms That Will Transform Your Remote Support

Asset 3 3

Remote allows multiple people to collaborate using XR at once, but, moreover, it allows you to see what other people are looking at. This is the technology designed to improve first time fix rates, support on site workers, and bring teams together all over the world.

Asset 1 1

Make is an intuitive, no-code XR content creation tool, allowing anyone to make XR content. Using a drag and drop interface, XR content creation is made simple. With Make, you can create intuitive content to be employed on site, furthering your support and improving worker safety by improving their understanding and keeping their hands free.

Asset 4 2

View is an XR content visualization tool that can be used on a wide array of devices. To use View, all you need is a smartphone or tablet. With View, employees globally will have access to your XR content and tools.

Getting started with XR doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you contact us today, we’ll set up a remote demonstration of XR technology so you can see for yourself how intuitive it is and the endless possibilities that come with it. From there, we’ll examine your current technical setup and answer any questions you have. We often find that, because of the versatile nature of our platforms, many organizations already have technology we can use to get started.

Next we’ll launch a pilot program for your organization with coaching from our staff, so you can take a small step into the world of XR and get a taste of what it has to offer. All while being supported by your collaborative XR partner.

Once you develop an idea of what will benefit your organization the most, we’ll help you select the right platforms to make it happen and dive into implementing them.

All along the way, we’ll be right alongside you, helping you maximize your investment. We are not just suppliers, but collaborative partners in scaling your business through XR.

XR is the support solution your team has been looking for. Solve problems like you’re standing in the same room while decreasing costs and your carbon footprint.