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VIRNECT & DigiLens bring affordable cutting-edge XR to industry

Get a Custom XR Experience and Improve Your Sales, Training, and Knowledge Management with VIRNECT.

VIRNECT, an XR technology solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with DigiLens, a leading developer of waveguide displays for augmented and mixed-reality devices. The partnership will allow VIRNECT to integrate DigiLens' state-of-the-art technology into its XR solutions, delivering customers a new level of immersive experiences.

VIRNECT X DigiLens Partnership

Key benefits of the partnership:

  • Increased accessibility to XR technology for businesses and consumers
  • Improved user experience through the combination of VIRNECT's XR platform and DigiLens's innovative lens technology
  • Enhanced performance and affordability of XR devices
The partnership between VIRNECT and DigiLens will bring new hardware options to VIRNECT's offerings, providing cost-effective XR solutions for various applications, such as remote assistance and guided manufacturing. By integrating XR technology, customers have reported increased engagement and reduced cognitive load, leading to more effective training and fewer mistakes. In addition, with DigiLens ARGO, a wider range of customers can benefit from a safer and more efficient working environment thanks to XR-compatible options.
DigiLens is recognized for its advanced waveguide displays, providing clear and vivid augmented reality experiences. The company's technology is based on proprietary holographic nanostructures, resulting in lightweight and compact devices with exceptional performance. The partnership with VIRNECT will allow both companies to bring these technologies to market in innovative ways.

"We are excited to partner with DigiLens, a leader in waveguide display technology," said Tim Ha, CEO of VIRNECT. "By combining our expertise, we can offer innovative XR solutions to a wider audience. DigiLens ARGO will create new ways for people to learn, work, and communicate."

According to The Insight Partners (March 14, 2022), the XR market is expected to grow from $28 billion in 2021 to $252 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 35%. This partnership aims to make XR innovation accessible and capitalize on this growth potential. The two companies are looking forward to exploring new applications and opportunities in the XR space.

As part of this partnership, VIRNECT is offering free XR content production to support the implementation of XR technology in various industrial applications aiming to facilitate the incorporation of XR technology and improve knowledge management in the industrial field. To learn more about this offer, go here.