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VIRNECT Recognized as Top XR Service Provider by XR Today

We are thrilled to share some exciting news! VIRNECT has been honored by XR Today as one of the top XR service providers for 2023. Among the twelve exceptional global field service XR solution companies recognized, VIRNECT is the only Korean company to receive this mention. This achievement highlights our dedication to delivering cutting-edge XR solutions to improve our learning, work, and communication in the field.

XR Today listing

At VIRNECT, we offer a suite of XR solutions, each designed to serve the precise needs of the field workers. Let's explore these solutions gaining recognition in the field services industry.

1. VIRNECT Remote: Empowering Remote Field Management with XR

The VIRNECT Remote solution harnesses the power of real-time video and AR (Augmented Reality) technology to enable efficient remote support, supervision, and documentation. No matter the distance, field managers and experts can provide crucial assistance to on-site teams, fostering collaboration and optimizing operational efficiency.

2. VIRNECT Make: Creating XR Content Made Easy

VIRNECT Make redefines content creation by empowering anyone, even without programming expertise, to craft captivating XR experiences. Through VIRNECT Make, users can convert essential information into engaging XR content, enhancing field service personnel's learning and training processes.

3. VIRNECT View: Enhancing Work Speed and Accuracy with Digital Visualization

With VIRNECT View, XR content created using VIRNECT Make comes to life with digital visualization. This immersive experience allows field service professionals to access vital information intuitively and interactively, significantly improving work speed and accuracy.

4. VIRNECT Twin: Real-time Monitoring and Simulation with 3D Digital Twins

VIRNECT Twin leverages the latest XR technology to create 3D digital twins of industrial sites. This innovation enables real-time monitoring and simulation, allowing field service teams to make informed decisions promptly and optimize operational performance.

Celebrating Our XR Achievement

The acknowledgment of VIRNECT by XR Today as the leading XR service provider for field services reinforces our commitment to innovation and excellence. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of XR technology and providing unparalleled solutions to meet the evolving needs of the field services industry.

We invite you to embark on this transformative XR journey with us! Discover the future of field services and experience the potential of Extended Reality firsthand with VIRNECT's revolutionary solutions.

Being recognized by XR Today as the top XR service provider for 2023 is a tremendous honor for the entire VIRNECT team. We are passionate about driving XR innovation and envision a future where XR solutions play an indispensable role in shaping field services across the globe. Join us as we continue to pave the way for a more immersive, efficient, and connected field services industry with the power of Extended Reality. Together, let's pioneer the future of field services!