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VIRNECT Unveils New Logo on Its 7th Anniversary!

We are thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone in the VIRNECT journey – our IPO at the KOSDAQ! It's been an incredible seven years as we continue our quest to become the global leader in XR (eXtended Reality). We're excited to introduce our brand-new graphic identity to mark this momentous occasion!

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Our fresh logo encapsulates XR technology's dynamic and multidimensional nature, beautifully represented by the initial "V" in VIRNECT. It showcases an innovative and dynamic design, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of XR technology.

The deep navy blue in our logo symbolizes trust, while the vibrant sky blue represents cutting-edge technology – these colors serve as the bedrock of our brand identity.

We've meticulously crafted our English and Korean wordmarks to convey a futuristic and balanced image, reinforcing our commitment to leading the way in XR technology.

Since our inception in October 2016, VIRNECT has been at the forefront of global XR technology, reshaping various industries. Our offerings include user-friendly XR content creation and visualization, a unique real-time multi-user remote support and collaboration system, and an XR platform service that eliminates the need for app installations, solidifying our position as leaders in the XR market.

Tim Ha, CEO of VIRNECT, commented, "As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, VIRNECT has rapidly applied XR technology across diverse industries, amassing valuable expertise along the way. As a publicly listed company, we are dedicated to fulfilling our role, expanding our business, and establishing ourselves as a robust global leader in the XR industry."

In honor of our 7th anniversary, VIRNECT has exciting plans ahead, including internal seminars and recognition for 18 team members who have achieved significant long-term milestones of 3, 5, and 7 years of service as part of our ongoing employee recognition program.

We believe our best days are still ahead of us! 🌟 Stay tuned for more remarkable developments as we continue to lead the way in XR technology.